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Stress = demands / resources


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Join my weekend classes online & practice to beat stress in 21 days! You will discover the huge reservoir of energy & resources within yourself you never realized! The Vipassana Meditation is an awesome technique with amazing benefits.

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Over 50 People Practice With Me Since Jan 2017

When a friend died in January, several of us realized how mortal we were and what stress can do to us.

I offered to teach meditation to my friends & co-workers in January 2017. What started as a 3 weekend project, turned out to be a regular weekend feature for several of my college mates & co-workers.

Practicing together every weekend, and supported by the small community helps each of us keep up our daily practice & in turn beat stress.

Please stay tuned for several video testimonials on how meditation helps to lead a happy, stress-free life.


Take The 21 Day Challenge!

Take the challenge!

Meditation Challenge:  All you need to do is to meditate 20-25 minutes a day for 21 days.

Deep Breathing Challenge: Breathe deeply for 1 min every waking hour for 21 successive days.

Your Top -3 Benefits:

1. Better quality of sleep

2. Improved health

3. Reduced stress

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Take The Challenge!

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