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How Does Meditation Help?

Here is what a few friends wrote about how meditation helps them. They have been practicing 10-25min daily for the last three months.

PC says

I think it calms me down. Between three kids, new house, new job, taking care of parents, there’s so much noise in the head. I don’t think I’ve been able to quieten it all down, but I know it helps to slow the mind during the day. And it helps me get to bed really quickly at night, which may not be the intended purpose! 🙂

RG says

I went to the dentist today to follow up on an implant. For the soreness he gave me pain killers. I’ve decided not to take any and use meditation to see if I can handle it – let’s see how long this lasts! Need to go for 2-3 days…

And I asked him who was the winner – medication or meditation. Here is his response:

Meditation it is…at least this time!

PV, a well known music teacher in Bay Area says,

Today I had the pleasure of meditating with my students at the end of music class. They were all saying that it was relaxing! I used the guided 13 min session.
Students said thanks to Rajesh !!

PV also says this about her meditation experience:

Totally positive. In fact it is addictive. I look forward to the time with my eyes closed , thinking about nothing. The repetition of the phrase attitude of gratitude is a daily reminder for me to be a good citizen on a daily basis.
I don’t start things very easily but when I get into it, I take it very seriously.
Thanks for introducing me to meditation!

RB says:

The biggest difference is how I react to situations. I just feel I am taking a more tempered, composed approach to everything. Of course, others are the best judge of my reactions. But feel like there is an increased sense of acceptance of things that don’t go my way.

RB also says:

Had severe nasal congestion and headache all day. Attempted meditation a couple of times and gave up. Finished 20 minutes meditation after the conversation with Rajesh. Accepted my breathing issue and headache as “normal” and continued as much as I could. It’s been better since then. Glad I avoided medicating myself and chose to meditate for minor ailment. Thanks Rajesh!

How about you?

Are you ready to take up the 21 day meditation challenge?

Talk to me!

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Course Sequence for My Beginners’ Yoga Class at Milpitas Temple

I feel fortunate to facilitate a beginner yoga class in the VEDA temple in Milpitas. Apr 15th was the first Saturday for the class. We have nine more Saturdays to go.

In the next nine Saturdays that we would meet, my goal is to help the participants learn basic asanas that improve health & well being. Here attached is a slide deck of the course sequence I will follow. While I will not complete the entire sequence on day-1, I intend to complete it by the time we meet six times.

More importantly, I plan to help them understand the mind-breath-body connection. While asanas will be used extensively to work on the body, I will emphasize how to combine breathing with asanas.

Lastly, my goal is to help integrate yoga in their daily lives (yoga = ‘union’). What use is yoga if it does not integrate into each of our lives?

The temple has agreed to lower the donation from $100 to $60. Their goal is to get more people do yoga and reap the benefits in their lives. In full disclosure, I am not getting paid for this course. All donations will go to the temple.

If you are in South Bay, I encourage you to join.


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Superchargers For Your Mind?

I don’t own a Tesla but several of my friends do. So, I was not sure of what supercharger means, till recently.

Venu, a friend of mine, who meditates regularly for the last 90 days, shared the below video on how meditation is a supercharger for his mind.

Check out how Venu uses meditation to supercharge his mind, here

Would love to hear your thoughts!



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3 Inspiring Quotes From New Meditators

I picked three recent quotes from three of my batch mates who have been practicing meditation for the last few weeks:

RC said:

I used to have this issue of waking up at 3 am and not being able to fall back asleep because I start worrying about all the different things on my mind. I realized that I am not doing this anymore. I just wake up when my alarm goes off at 6. This is huge for me. Thanks again for taking us all on this journey with you.

L said:

Started seeing the real benefits, definitely is generating +ve energy, feeling less tired

SM said:

….Even in a relatively short few days, meditation is teaching me to accept things without grudge or guilt.

What is your benefit?

Would you like to learn meditation?