Survey Results Out: 30 Day Meditation

We now have completed four weeks of meditation! About 17 regulars and 42 Whatsapp group members in all.

The  highly motivated group of 17 are meditating over 20 min a day and the rest of the ‘interested’ group members are practicing independently & also hopefully getting inspiration from the experiences shared by the regulars on the Whatsapp group.

Here are the results of a simple 3 question survey.

Question 1: Net Promoter Score Measure


Question 2: Duration


Question 3: What are your top learnings / insights from your meditation practice?

I bucketed the free-form answers to this question into three categories  – Insights, Benefits & Observations, as follows:

Live in the now /in the moment
Learn to observe and acknowledge without judging
Better clarity of thought
Awareness of oneself / self aware /mindful
Learning how to be calm just doing nothing
Ultimate opportunity to be without worry.
Take time to enjoy the little things
Be positive and spread the energy.
It creates an acute sense of inner awareness
Self awareness of focus and breathing.
Refreshed state of mind
Personal experience to learn from within
Complete change in perspective
Improved sleep
Boosts energy
Better concentration
Better emotional control
It calms and relaxes the mind also helps in reducing physical pain
Somehow, I feel more in control of my emotions after meditation
Ability to manage/prioritize one’s thoughts
Quietness and calm
Deep breathing is the best energizer, stress reducer ever!
Focus on now; Incorporate meditation in your daily life
Difficult initially but gets better with practice
Practice makes it perfect
The day is generally better on those days when you are able to meditate
The best part is that you don’t have to control your mind at all 🙂
20 minutes is a very long time!
It gets easier with time
Some constant external noise  helps (I have an app – “simply being” – seems to help)
It is hard, but worth it
Turning a ship takes time
Improved focus on breathing right

I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you would like to learn & practice meditation, love to help!





How Meditation Helps Be A Better Entrepreneur?

A friend of mine who has completed 21 days of meditation practice with other batchmates of mine, shared the following insight on how he is applying his learnings in his day to day business life.

He is an entrepreneur running an IT company and I thank him for his insights.

Here we go:

One benefit I am clearly seeing is my ability to focus more at work. When doing a task if other thoughts come to mind, I am able to park those thoughts allowing me to concentrate on work at hand and not getting distracted. 

I am also beginning to observe and notice my triggers for stress and I feel that identifying these triggers will help me manage them better.

I also feel that one of the reasons for us not be able to focus is the amount of content and distractions we are exposed to via social media and our desire to absorb all that content; try it out or respond to it quickly.

Meditation helps in focussing and not letting my mind wander.

What do you have to say?

How Meditation Helps Make Better Stock Market Decisions? 

They say that a habit forms in 21 days!

Pleased to inform you that over 42 meditators are working on crossing the 21 day streak – and I believe at least 12 of them have completed the 21 day streak. 

Several folks have reported ‘restful, refreshing sleep’ as a first benefit they have seen. 

Many others have reported ‘at peace‘ with themselves; ‘become more observant‘ of their feelings, thoughts. 

The best example of how meditation has helped is from one of my friends who is an active stock market investor. Here is how he clarifies how meditation helps him:

Thanks for taking us through this journey. As for the daily practice goes, it is going very well, mind wanders still, not resisting, simply being aware of it. 

I can honestly see direct results in the way I respond to external inputs both in personal and professional situations.

For example, my success or lack thereof in market operations, largely depends on my discipline and how I respond to ever changing daily information from markets. 

 Self awareness is an important element of my process. I can sense and appreciate very subtle differences in the way I respond to certainly situations

 There’s a deliberate few seconds pause before the response kicks in for the external stimuli, if you will.

The plan for pause was always there. In reality, used to be a big challenge to implement. Now the implementation part has become easier, to the extent of becoming second nature (almost there).

That’s very interesting for me to hear!

What do you think?

14 days, 20+ meditators

It’s so amazing to see continued interest from my ’87 batchmates to meditate. We also got new participants join us this week. 

Today my BITS ’87 batchmates completed 14 days of meditation. We now have 20+ meditators joining us in the weekend online meditation practice plus another 20 more in the Whatsapp group. 

While we are cautious not to let irrelevant topics come into the Whatsapp discussions, not all of our chat is about the serious topic of meditation. We do have our laughs and some of them really hilarious – based on our own personal experiences during the week. 

Thank you fellow meditators!!

Your personal insights shared on the Whatsapp group clarifies doubts, questions others have. This accelerates learning and deepening of meditation. The benefits of meditation is starting to show with all of them saying they are relaxed and are able to sleep soundly!!!

You are all doing an awesome job and I am so glad to be part of this regular practices. 

9days, 60+ hours of meditation

I am glad to update you that online meditation program is working well since the last nine days.

Image result for online meditation timer

Over 12+ regular meditators (all from my ’87 BITS Pilani batch) are regularly logging in online over the weekend to participate in a worldwide, group meditation practice I am facilitating. During the week, each of them meditate independently.

The sharing of their experiences on a Whatsapp group, helps each other and motivates others as well.

I have no doubts that these lucky folks have discovered the power of meditation to manage their day-to-day stress and to be more happier!

Thank you all for the opportunity!

Online Meditation Slides & FAQ

I feel happy today again!

No, I did not complete another long run, but 12 of my awesome friends joined again today in the online meditation. Am so blessed, and a BIG THANK YOU!

Technology seems to collude well, to help people learn meditation across the globe, sitting in their own homes. Two way video conferencing is an awesome way to collaborate & communicate.

Here is a link to the slides I presented as an overview of the 30min online meditation.

Here is a link to the FAQ related to meditation.

Its so much fun and energy to meditate in a group, albeit remote.

Do you want to meditate too?

Would love to hear your thoughts!



Achieved 60min Run Goal

I feel happy today for two reasons:

1. I facilitated the first ever online meditation ‘Celebrating Life’ in memory of few of our batchmates who moved on from this world. 20 of my awesome friends from across the globe participated in this 30min meditation practice. Am so blessed. A huge thank you!!!

2. I achieved my goal of 60min run: fastest, farthest, longest ever in my life. Considering the fact that I was asthmatic few years ago, this is a fantastic milestone. More importantly, I was determined to not give up on my goal of 60min – on Dec 31st, I gave up when I was so close to the goal. 

Check out my stat below:

I feel the morning meditation practice with my friends gave me the extra energy to achieve my personal goal. 

Love to hear your thoughts!

Happy in 2017?

I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!

Wishes are passive though.

It’s like the flurry of mass WhatsApp /Email message that I have got in the last few hours. ( I am sure, you have received too!!) All of them with the right intentions, BUT not telling me how to be happy in 2017.

How to be happy in 2017?

What are the scientists, designers and creative writers discovering about happiness?

” Being in the present”, “Declutter /Edit your life”, “Synthesis”

Do these words /phrases hold any clue to our happiness? I have always thought so (and I will not give away the suspense by writing about the word, synthesis here.

To get your answer, check out an awesome TED talk here.

An hour of your investment is worth it -perhaps you may discover a few actionable ideas to be happy in 2017. This TED talk magically came up in my list of podcasts today during my early morning run.

Talking of my early morning run, I was unhappy today.

I set myself out with a goal of running 60 full minutes and here is how I fared – I could not complete the last four minutes:-(


  • I ran non-stop, the longest in my life – 55min, 23 seconds.
  • I ran non-stop, the farthest in my life – 4.56miles.

Yet, I was unhappy.

Because, I fell short of a goal I set for myself.

That brings me to an important aspect of happiness – How important is goal setting and achieving it? Think about it.

Setting your own goals in life is important. Achieving the goals we set for ourselves will make us happy. Living life in our own terms will make us happy.

I hope you enjoy the podcast I recommend you.

Set your goals, don’t give up on them. If you do, try again! (and I will run again with my 60min goal).

I wish you a happy new year 2017!