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Few key things I liked in “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne (Part 1)

The Secret is actually not a secret!

It is as simple as – Like attracts like.

We attract those things, those people, those other thoughts that are “like” the thoughts we have.

So, if we think positive, we attract positive thoughts, positive events, positive people, positive things, positive results.

Obviously if we start thinking negative, we attract similar stuff.

She goes on to say that the universe aligns itself beautifully ensuring that you get what you wished for!

This is *exactly* what Hindu scriptures say: Tathasthu!
Tathasthu, roughly translated, means “as you wish for”

At home, my wife keeps telling our children about the concept of Tatasthu in a very simple way – there are wish fulfilling fairies always around you and blessing your every thought. So, it is always good to think positive about anything and everything.

My children seem to resonate with that. So do I.

ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE – The “Secret” is as simple as that.

If you want something, ask for it; believe that you will get it and receive it when you get it.

Quite similar to what Hindu scriptures talk: Manasa, Vaacha, Karmana – about the importance of congruence in thoughts, speech and action.

I have noticed several times in me that when I have a negative thought or a thought that is blasphemous, I spend several minutes thinking about it. I consider it a waste of time.
(Example – think of a girl and if your basic instinct is stronger at that time, then you end up wasting several minutes in high adrenalin thoughts.)

This saps energy from us.

I read somewhere that in an average day, a person thinks 60,000 thoughts. That is 3300 thoughts per waking hour! Or rather, approximately one thought per second!!

Assuming that 95% of our thoughts are in our subconscious, we have roughly about 3 thoughts that are conscious, which we can verbalize, act upon in a minute!!!

Just imagine the havoc of having a backlog of “conscious thoughts” that we need to act upon if we spend our time on verbalizing or acting out a negative thought!! It is just sheer waste of time.

Logically, it makes sense to think the right thoughts and then act, so that we are conserving our energy and thereby able to focus on executing that right thought.

Obviously the universe aligns itself to materialize our thoughts – so better think right, speak right, do right, without wasting a second!

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