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Inspirational Quote – Creating reality twice

“You create reality twice – once in your mind and then you manifest that exactly into the physical world”

I do not know who said this or what was the context., but it is very true.

Michelangelo, the famous Italian sculptor (he is a painter too – Check out Sistine Chapel in Rome, but he did not like to be known as a painter) once went to a marble factory to purchase marble stone to sculpt out his next masterpiece.

The shop keeper showed him several marble blocks. Michelangelo spent several hours looking at each block from various angles, rejecting block after block.

Exasperated by Michelangelo’s behavior, the shop keeper asked him what is it that he is looking for and why is he being so choosy!

Michelangelo told him that he is basically looking over in his mind and chipping off those portions of the marble stone that is *not required* for the sculpture he had in mind. And while doing this, he is trying to figure out which of marble stones is the most appropriate for his sculpture!

This is clearly the case of visualizing the picture first in the mind and then creating it in reality.

Have we tried out to visualize what our life would look like?

Have we tried out to visualize how our day should look like?

(…and then chip away those unwanted events /things /parts that we don’t need)

Interesting, isn’t it?

ps: If you are interested to learn more about the agony & ecstasy of Michelangelo, this book here is well worth a read.



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