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Working 5x effectively (or more!)

Don’t all of us pride in doing things faster and better? Being effective in what we do?

I am sure we all are.

But, think again!

Are you getting your body function effectively, leave alone working effectively. I can almost bet that none of us are using our body, mind capacity to the fullest extent.

Only if we able to work our body and mind effectively to the fullest capacity then we can possibly work more effectively in our day to day work.

Let’s start with how we can improve the most basic and absolutely essential function of our body – breathing.

Do you know that an average human uses a little over 10% of lung capacity during normal breathing?

Put in other words, we are working only at 10% of our capacity. Obviously this has a big impact on both your body and mind.

Few diseases like asthma can reduce the lung capacity. And I am pretty sure asthmatics will agree with me when I say this – during an asthma attack, the brain just stops working and all we need to do is to get hold of our inhaler !

Think about this – a disease like asthma reduces our lung capacity and we are “capsized” – just cannot function, or even think!

Think about the other side of this – if we can improve our lung capacity, isn’t it logical that we would be able to think better, feel better, have a healthy body?

I can promise you, it is true.

There are just few simple techniques I have been using to improve my lung capacity. You can also try these out. Note that there are several techniques – basic and advanced. I would recommend you to try these very basic techniques with no side-effects.

1. Breathe through both the nostrils.

Breathing through one nostril means, choking the air by 50%! To create the passage of air through both nostrils:

a) Try by skipping a meal on those days when you are ‘feeling a bit heavy’, ‘uncomfortable’ or plain ‘lazy’.

b) When one of your nostril is blocked, try this simple acupressure technique – press hard on the meaty part between your thumb and index finger. If right nostril is to be released, press right hand side. Similarly for left nostril. You should feel a pinch. Hold it for about a minute and you would automatically see that your nostril is getting released.

c) Put your left hand under your right armpit (right hand under your left armpit) to release your right (left) blocked nostril. This is very, very, effective but simple technique.

2. Abdominal breathing

This is a brilliant technique. But you must practice this for atleast 3min a day – make time for it, preferably early in the morning after your daily ablutions.

Lie down on your back, place your hand on your stomach.

Slowly breathe in and PUSH your diaphragm (this is the muscle that separates the lungs from the stomach) and then release it slowly. Remember, the air should push your diaphragm. This will make your stomach go up, during inhaling and go down during exhaling (when lying down supine on your back).

I have been personally benefitted by these. You are welcome to try these and reap the benefits.

ps: I have been a chronic asthmatic for over 20 years and even today I carry my inhaler with me all the time, but it is more than six months that I have actually used it. It is today more like an “insurance” for me.


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