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Listening Skills – The first two minutes of a conversation!!

I am writing this blog as I moderate  a conference call between a customer and a senior engineer. The first two minutes into the call inspired me to write this note.

I found that the engineer was more than eager to explain what he did so far, and not listen to the customer!!!

The customer began the call by explaining what their business is and the engineer seemed to have picked up a few key words and started his tirade of what how accomplished he was in his trade. I felt it was important to intervene and tried to explain to the engineer that the customer wanted to explain first about their business and about the project.

It was not that easy for the engineer to accept that he had to listen first before speaking!!

I find it hard to accept (at times I am also guilty of this) that people find it difficult to listen, and they love to talk. Talking is a two-way traffic and unless we listen, I do not believe we can have a meaningful conversation.

I would not be surprised if the customer comes back and gives me a negative feedback about this conference call.


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One thought on “Listening Skills – The first two minutes of a conversation!!

  1. We seem to live in a world starved for listeners, where everyone has something to say and very few take the time to listen. Congratulations on breaking in on behalf of your client. I hope you manage to retrain your engineering staff. Catherine


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