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Your language demonstrates your personality

Recently I was revising what I learnt in Sanskrit several years ago. A subtle but very important difference between English and Sanskrit language prompted me to write this blog.

In English Grammar, we have “Frist Person”, “Second Person” & “Third Person”. First person refers to “I”/ “Me”. Second person refers to “you” and third person refers to “him”, “it”

When we learn English, we learn in the same way: I/me -> you -> him/it.

In Sanskrit too, we have three ways of representing the “person” or noun, however the order in which we learn is completely reversed. It is called “Prathama Purusha (Third Person)”, “Madhyama Purusha (Second Person)” and “Uttama Purusha (First Person)”.

Sanskrit language emphasizes on “I”/ “me” last!

This significant difference in these two languages struck me as very interesting. I read through a bit behind the evolution of Sanskrit language and learnt that this was probably by design – to de-emphasize the “ego” of a person!

Mind your language. What you write could possibly be revealing a lot about your personality and your psyche.

What do you think?


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2 thoughts on “Your language demonstrates your personality

  1. Very true. Also, the language people use can change to reflect the shifts in their psychological state. I’ve just done a study of this in my PhD thesis on the hero Achilles. Have a look at:
    I did have a go at teaching myself Sanskrit very briefly just before I started to learn ancient Greek. I’m a great fan of the Bhagavad Gita. Bought my first copy in Calcutta on my way to Varanasi.


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