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Listen to your feelings when you feel “Something’s wrong….”

I was at a gathering where I was asked to give my opinion about a topic.

This blog is to explain my thoughts afterwards….and not to delve on the impact of my opinion on the gathering.

I felt proud that the gathering has asked my opinion. It was just for an instance, which obviously did not matter to me at that time. After I gave the gathering my opinion, I went my way. My opinion was well appreciated by the gathering too. Rather than feel elated and happy, strangely, I was not “feeling very good”, but could not put a finger on the reason!

While walking back, I noticed a signboard somewhere which said “He that boasts of his own knowledge proclaims his ignorance.”

It struck me like a thunderbolt.

My attitude when I gave my opinion was not one of humility but of arrogance about my knowledge. That was what was bothering me. And this signboard revealed to me what I was tuning in…

At an emotional level, I was trying to understand “what’s wrong”, without even remembering my arrogance earlier on. There it was – in a flash, an answer to my question. I connected the dots and suddenly felt at peace.

I was actually seeking an answer to my feelings. I was tuning in to the signs. I was listening. The signboard was my revelation.

Not sure if it would happen to you too.

My guess is if each one of us tunes in to our feelings, the answers to some of the questions that bothers us at a deep emotional level is easy to find – it could be a signboard (like in my case), or a person telling you something, or a para in the book you are reading or just a simple flash in your mind!

Sometimes, the answer may come immediately, and sometimes it could take days, months, or probably years!!

All you need to do is be deeply aware, watch your feelings and connect the dots. You will get your insights!

Does it sound spooky?

You are welcome to share your insights.


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