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Your situations are NOT your problems

Quite often we find ourselves in different situations – some we may like and some we may not.

Interestingly, we think that the situations we are in, ARE problems! If the situation vanishes, then we don’t have any problems!

How untrue!

Well, I think situations help us to improve our intellect, sharpen our reasoning power and take decisions. If we chicken out and don’t want to analyze the situation, obviously it is a problem. It would create a problem for us.

So, note the subtle yet important difference here – situations are not problems. Lack of analysis of a situation causes problems!

We can react to any problem in three ways:

1. Escape
2. Suffer
3. Make changes

If your boss does not like your work, quitting (“escaping”) or just hanging in there, suffering all the abuses (“suffering in silence”) are two ways of reacting. These two are not the right solutions for solving the problem. It is important for you to make the changes suited for the situation. Analyze why your boss does not like your work – perhaps you lack in some key skills that you boss expects you have or some other thing. Ask questions, get feedback and then make changes. I am sure the problem would vanish if you take the right step of making changes.

Take charge of the situation – make changes to the way you think, feel, act and the problem would vanish – the situation would indeed improve.

Needless to say, just that you are taking charge of the situation gives you energy, reduces stress and helps you keep up your sanity and not feel “victimized”!

Take charge!


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