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Requesting Your Opinion – Book On Entrepreneurship


Since the last two years, I wanted to share my entrepreneurship experience with potential first-time entrepreneurs. I am aware that a lot has been written so far and a simple google search would give anyone enough information to keep reading all through their life on entrepreneurship.

My focus is to share my experiences and help at least a few guys with some inspiring thoughts towards success.

I wrote a table of contents as below and request you for your feedback.

What would you like to change?

Let me know through your comments,

Thanks in advance,


Table Of Contents

Unnamed Book On Entrepreneurship


1. Why Startup

2. Structuring a company

3. Assessing the market

4. Deciding on business idea to focus

5. Financing basics

6. Product management basics

7. Product development basics

8. Market testing basics

9. People management basics

10. Structuring salaries

11. Raising external funding; investor perceptions

12. Understanding core competencies

13. Managing disappointments

14. Managing family life, startup life

15. Understanding team dynamics of founders, expectations

16. Managing ego, anger

17. Dishonesty & sly deals

18. Clarifying vision and clarity in vision

19. Accounting basics

20. Business Modelling

21. Investing, time, money “unwisely”

22. Influencing channels and partner eco-system

23. Conclusions


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