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Choose your thoughts the way you choose your clothes…..

I had a wonderful lunch with my friend in Helsinki on Sunday.

We talked about several things and one of the things he mentioned to me was about the movieEat, Pray, Love” with Julia Roberts in the lead.

While his description of the movie has excited me to watch it, (I have also seen the book in the airport book stands recently), what prompted me to write this blog is the quote “Choose your thoughts the way you choose your clothes” from the movie.

How true!

Do we ever choose bad clothes? Of course not.

True, sometimes we make mistakes and buy ill-fitting clothes, cheap clothes, flashy clothes that does not suit our persona. However, the general tendency is to buy clothes that we can carry off well, isn’t it? Putting it broadly, we always choose “good clothes”.

Life is too short to waste our time thinking about useless things. Let us choose our thoughts carefully.

Our thoughts are like a veneer. If you wear yellow colored tinted glasses, you would end up seeing yellow color everywhere.

Similarly if we have thoughts that are negative thoughts, these have a way for sure to manifest themselves.  Likewise, if we choose positive thoughts, these have a way for sure to manifest themselves.

It does not make any logical sense to me to think negative thoughts as much as choosing bad clothes!

Even if we choose bad clothes, I am sure we discard them pretty quickly (like I did when I bought a pair of jeans in Boston in May, only to wear them once and give it away:-)). How about discarding our bad thoughts?

How can we do it?

Just as an athlete trains his muscles, a pianist trains his fingers, a painter trains his hands, a student trains himself by studying the subject, a doctor trains by practising, we can all exercise our “thinking” muscles to think good thoughts and discard negative thoughts.

It’s ultimately a matter of practice.

Perhaps I can offer a suggestion here:

Spend 5 minutes a day in silence, with your eyes closed. Just observe your thoughts. Don’t react.

However, just before you start your”silence practice”, say a small prayer – “I should have the strength to choose only good, altruistic thoughts, and have the strength to ignore the negative, divisive thoughts that may come to my mind.”

I think it would work. Try it.

Write to me with your comments!


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7 thoughts on “Choose your thoughts the way you choose your clothes…..

  1. I agree! The power of thought is indeed magnificent. In fact, if I may, I would like to stretch your ‘thought’ further and add that thoughts can actually create reality. Like thoughts attract like thoughts. So, negativity breeds negativity and results in more misery. Similarly, positive and happy thoughts brings more joy. Though it is easier said than done, it takes a while to condition the mind and as you rightly say – ‘it is ultimately a matter of practice’.

    While one can certainly choose a good thought just like a good piece of clothing, if a negative thought does creep in- what should one do? One technique is to say to yourself “cancel” every time a negative thought comes to the mind. It is a conscious effort of cancelling negative thoughts while they take shape in the mind. Overtime, it will help in keeping negative thoughts at bay and staying positive.


    1. Hi!
      Thanks for sharing your wonderful thought.
      Yes, we have to train our minds to “cancel” bad thoughts.
      More importantly, one should remember that thoughts – good or bad, do happen in the subconscious mind, not necessarily in the conscious mind.
      Gaining control on the subconscious mind means unlocking our potential!
      The simplest way to do that is meditation.
      A simple meditation technique is to sit silently and “watch a movie” in your mind – by just observing your thoughts. Key thing is not to react – no twitches, no smiles, no feeling of anger, no feeling of dejection, no nothing – just observe!

      On the similar topic, you may want to check out my other blog piece on the “The Secret” here,


  2. Its a beautiful analogy and sounds so simplistic, still is hard to practise. Why is that choosing our clothes comes easily, while choosing the right thoughts is not so easy? Will definitely give ur suggestion a try. Thanks. Very inspiring.



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