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Even Children Don’t Want It Easy!!

Infrequently we play chess at home. My son, being the youngest in the family and with least experience in playing chess has not yet won a single game of chess.

Last week, my children were playing chess. My daughter being a couple of years elder to my son, and quite experienced, easily beat him at the game. This loss had a big impact on my son. He asked me to play a game with him and told me that “he is going to win”. And, of course he played hard. I played hard too and unfortunately, he lost.

I saw him very, very upset. Lovingly, yet patronizingly (perhaps this attitude was the mistake on my part!!), I offered him that we will play another game and this time, for sure, “he will win”.

My son refused to accept that offer. He told me, ” Papa, you would just throw the game away! And I am not interested in winning such a game!”

His logic struck me hard, straight on the face! Even an eight year old knows that he has to win on his own merits. Even a kid knows that playing fair and winning is more valuable than playing unfairly and winning a game.

In life and in business, we face / or recognize such situations. Don’t we have enough “opportunities” to win against someone else, by playing unfairly? Don’t all of us know some characters who would “politically manipulate” situations in their favor, and create an uneven playground to win? Don’t we know people who change the rules of the game, gain advantage through unethical means and win in life & business?

If an eight year old sees the merit in playing fair and winning, how come we are sometimes blinded by this simple value?

My question is – Does it make sense to win through unfair means? Or is there more merit in playing fair and winning?

What do you think?

Would love to hear your comments & feedback,



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4 thoughts on “Even Children Don’t Want It Easy!!

    1. I agree Anand.
      The whole point is being conscious, and being aware of our own thoughts, intentions that go behind our actions.
      The moment we are conscious and aware, we will know what our intentions are – honest or dishonest, ethical or unethical.
      That would help us to take a right decision.
      Pause, Reflect & Act!


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