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Manage Your Behavior……Complement Your Intelligence

We all know that several HR professionals use “behavioral” testing – Myers-Brigg and other similar kind of psychological profiling to understand a person before making a hiring decision. Several intelligent people are considered “unfit” for some roles, based on such profiling results.We all know of several cases, where “at the last round of interviews”, the person does not clear the HR interview and loses the chance to take up her coveted role!

So, does that mean that intelligence matters less but behavior matters more?

I believe it is true. Intelligence is secondary, but behavior is primary criteria to hire someone.

Consider these situations:

  • Have we ever fell short of helping someone in need, albeit there was an intention to help?
  • Have we struggled to get out of our bed in the morning, albeit there was an intention to get up early and exercise?
  • Have we struggled to kick the butt, albeit there was a strong intention to quit smoking?
  • Why do we flare up despite being told in several ways that we should not get angry?

In the above situations and several others similar ones, there is a lack of coherence between behavior and intelligence.

Our intelligence is theory – knowing what to do, but our behavior is practical intelligence – doing what we know.

Bhagawat Gita defines our behavior as our true nature. We are a bundle of likes /dislikes – that define how we behave. Gita further says that our likes (raga) & dislikes (dwesha) are a result of our desires. In other words, our desires /or its opposite (“hatred”) determines our likes /dislikes and in turn dictate our behavior.

Note that our likes /dislikes have nothing to do with our intelligence. It has to do with our desires.

Therefore, if you closely see, it is quite clear that there is lack of consistency between a person’s nature and his intelligence  – irrespective of whom you take as an example!

The question we need to ask is how does our desires control our behavior?

The Gita, Chapter 2 explains this as “The Ladder of Fall”.

Expressed in simple English, here are the steps that goes on:

1. Desires give rise to attachment.

2. Attachment causes craving for the objects of desire

3. We get angry when we don’t get what we crave for

4. Anger deludes the intellect

5. This delusion causes us to lose our memory & past knowledge

6. This temporary loss of memory causes our intelligence to fail!

Therefore, it is clear that desires & anger cover our intelligence.  Now, if we want to be consistent in our behavior & intelligence, either we can lower our moral /ethical values and or quite simply, control our anger & desires!

The question now is how does one control our desires & anger?

Gita proposes that we can live a life of “total congruence” between thought, words & deeds if we focus on managing our desires & anger.

This requires hard practice, over extended periods of time – and I am not for an instant saying that it would be achieved in one life time!

Gita proposes meditation as an excellent way of managing our anger & desires.

Meditation is quite simply “to be who you are”. While this blog is not about explaining the process of meditation, I propose you may want to consider these as part of your lifestyle:

1. Be aware – focus on one thing at a time

2. Observe – your thoughts, circumstances, environment, people

3. Don’t react – to situations, thoughts, people

When we do this, we are training ourselves to be “neutral” – or rather “intensely passive” – aware of everything, but aloof; without reacting to situations.

This breaks our mindset of “being attached” to a thought. Over a time, this reduces the desires & anger and achieves congruence in our thoughts, words & action.

So, if you are looking to get hired for your dream job, don’t focus on your intelligence or on skill-sets alone, consider managing your behavior too!

What are your thoughts?

Love to hear from you,


Enterprise Sales B2B Marketing Entrepreneur Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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