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Inspiration – How Hritik Roshan Reduced From 36″ to 29.5″ in 6 Weeks!


Couple of weeks ago, Ireadin the papers about Hritik Roshan’s slip disc and how he fought back to get into shape. The one takeaway for me from his ‘agony to ecstasy’ journey was a single word.


He took the initiative to come out of self-pity, gorging on pastries & cakes, smoking. In short, he says he was eating rubbish and couldn’t regroup himself and take charge of his life. He felt he ‘deserved’ to eat whatever, given that he was working so hard.

Then one day, all of it changed.

Being an actor, he realized he can’t afford to have a bloated waist size and still play a super-hero role! He had to look fit, look energetic to play the roles!

When this simple truth clicked in his mind, he took charge of his life. He took initiative to figure out how to kick the butt and get rid of the extra kgs, around his waist. You could read the link about and get more details about Hritik’s journey from flab to fab & fit.

We feel frustrated, angry and helpless when things don’t go the way we planned. Irrespective of the context, we are bound to face situations at work and at home, when things don’t go our way. This is the fact of life. What separates people who come out of such crises from those who wallow in it is – initiative.

Initiative means taking charge & deciding to act, and not being paralyzed.

A bit of reflection on his travails and how exactly he came out of that, prompted me to write a few observations relevant to all of us in business & in life:

1. Initiative is like planting a seed. Without taking any initiative, we cannot expect to grow a big tree.

2. At work, we end up having several pressures – pressure to deliver the next release with no bugs, pressure to make new sales pipeline, pressure to hire the right people and so on. Taking charge helps. Taking responsibility puts you in action.

3. When the sales pipeline needs to be built, all we need to do is to push ourselves to make that one extra call everyday to prospects. Perhaps that is all is required – taking that initiative and plodding along the right direction, rather than being worried about sagging pipeline.

4. When the biggest customer threatens to walk away from you, all you need to do is to take initiative. Change the way of working and it produces results and happy customers.

5. When you want to learn about your customers, you need to take initiative and ask questions. Else, your customer is not going to tell you about her needs.

6. When you want to build a relationship with your loved one, you need to take the initiative to ask her what she likes. She may never say it if you don’t ask!

7. When the economy is crumbling and your debts are mounting, all you need to to is to take initiative. Take stock of your assets and liabilities and make those changes to reduce your debt.

Initiative is the one single mantra to rid of mental and physical laziness. It is the silver bullet to cure our mental paralysis.

As the Gita says, “A little bit of action /practice is more important than reading a lot of scriptures and doing nothing”.

Action is essential. Action comes out of initiative. Action comes out of taking charge of the situation. Initiative helps us think through the situations and act. Initiative makes us proactive and not passive.

As always love to hear your thoughts!


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