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I am summarizing a spiritual lecture that I listened to where the speaker talks about applying the principles of our Hindu scriptures to our day-to-day life and achieving excellence. This is not my original article, but an interpretation of what I heard & understood.

1. Love What You Do

Love is a decision, it is not a feeling. Even if it is the most unsought after work, you can love it, because it is a decision.
First decide to love what you do. That decision gets you into a positive feeling about what you do!
Then you can do whatever, because there is no dissipation of your mental energy, thinking or fighting the negative feelings about not wanting to do a particular job!

2. Learn Thoroughly About The Job You Have To Do

Just by loving what you do you cannot do your job well. The job has some functions, activities, outcomes, processes. You need to learn about it thoroughly. For example, if you want to do the job of a ‘husband’ or ‘parent’, you need to learn it thoroughly. Good news is that you don’t have to learn it first to do it. You can learn on the job; but learn. Have an attitude of learning on the job everyday.

3. Implement What You Learn

Knowledge is useless if you don’t apply. What matters is the practical implementation of what you learn. If you learn that a particular methodology to elicit responses from customers works well, then you are better off to implement that day in and day out, till you learn a newer method!

4. Focus on Implementing Your Learning

Energy gets dissipated when we don’t focus. Our minds [with due respects to several people who consider themselves as master multi-taskers], can’t focus on more than one thing at a time. This is a fact! Therefore, focussing on one thing at a time helps you deliver results.

5. Expand Your Outlook To Benefit Many

Any job that you would chose to do, if it benefits many it is better. Therefore if you are facing a choice of choosing one task over the other, then if you choose the task that benefits a wider audience [especially if it is weighed against selfish interests] then we would excel at that work. This is a simple mantra, if implemented well in organisations can work wonders to build teamwork – Teams goals are bigger than individual goals.


Would love to hear your thoughts!


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