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Experiencing with repetition

If you want to learn something, then repeat!

This is the mantra.

As children, we learnt by repeating the maths exercises, doing more sums and some more sums to learn about concepts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Ditto when you go to college and learn about calculus, linear algebra! Ditto to learn music. Mastery in music is step-by-step, learning by repeating and internalising the notes.

The same is true not only for learning new subjects at school /college, but also in real life [I am not hinting that school /college is not ‘real’ life!].

Day in and day out, we are faced with situations. We resolve those situations by our learning. The learning happens only through repetition. Theoretical framework [aka learnt in MBA] is good to put together a structure and ‘box’ a problem to find a solution. However, it is not good enough to resolve the situation. The ability to resolve [or put in another way – the ability to decide] is not something that is taught in an MBA. That ability comes only through application of the concepts we learn.

The more often we apply the concepts, the deeper our learning is. The deeper our learning, we end up making more right decisions. Of course, it also means that we have to take up the opportunities and continuously apply our learning – keep making mistakes and iterate to arrive at the right decisions.

This is the value of ‘experience’ that cannot be learnt in college, but can only be applied through constant repetition.

Interestingly enough, even scriptures of any religion emphasize repetition of a mantra. For example, take ‘Gayatri Mantra‘. Scriptures prescribe that everybody should repeat this mantra 108 times, thrice daily! The meaning behind this ‘dictate’ is not any superstition. It is not humbug. It is plain science & psychology applied.  The more we repeat [or chant, initially rhetorically] we slowly understand the meaning of the mantra better – therefore it becomes our goal & natural state of mind. In this case, Gayatri Mantra simply is a neutral, non-religious mantra, that asks the ‘Supreme Consciousness’ to lead us from ignorance to knowledge! Basically, we are asking for knowledge.

When we do something repeatedly we learn about it more.

Put in another way, the more we are aware of our experiences [i.e understand, analyze why we did something right, something wrong], the more we learn about it and we become better persons – better managers, better husbands/wives, better parents!

As usual, eager to hear your thoughts!


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