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10 Management Tips….from the kitchen! Tip #1: Know what u need to cook (achieve )

After a long gap of 15 years, my lovely wife let me take care of the kitchen for a day and of course ensure that our two wonderful kids, enjoy their meal [..or rather, don’t go hungry!]. The experience turned out to be a fantastic one. Some interesting insights and tips that are applicable whether one is cooking or working in a managerial position in any company.

I wrote down 10+ observations that are relevant for cooking as well as management. I am going to share my tips in the next few weeks for you to learn, laugh with me, apply some of the relevant tips, cook at home (:-)) and hopefully become a better manager /better person!

So, here we go with my first tip.

Tip #1: Know what u need to cook (achieve )

When you get into the kitchen you should have already well planned what you want to fix for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Just knowing what to do, helps you to focus and get it done.

Knowing what to do:

  • eliminates rework,
  • reduces waste,
  • cuts down time to cook,
  • helps you determine in advance, the ingredients needed ….

By knowing what outcomes you want to achieve, you are improving the chances of success tremendously. In life too, meandering along is one definite option; but knowing what we want helps you achieve it!

My Tip #2 to follow is:

Make sure you have the right ingredients ( resources)


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