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Looking Busy?

It’s very easy to look and act busy. Especially at work. My daughter has a T shirt with this silly one-liner ” don’t disturb me while I continue to ignore you” Looks cute on a kid’s T shirt, but definitely not the attitude you want to follow at work place! It is so much easy these days to check your email a thousand times a day, so much more easier to feign people are calling you, surely trivial to avoid a conversation with someone by pretending to be in a conference call, while you happily listen to hard rock music! The key point to remember is that the world watches you all the time. Your attitude shows up sooner or later. People will respond to you in a suitable fashion. A genuine interesting in people will get you back similar emotions; pretensions will indeed be scorned by your friends sooner or later. Keep aside all the miracles of the technology ;strop acting as if you are actively networking on Facebook; don’t pride yourself by the number of Linkedin connections! All those don’t matter. What is indeed valuable is if you have a bunch of real world friends and colleagues. Nurture them and don’t ignore them. When was the last time your smiled at your colleague genuinely?


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