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Suryanamaskar & Two Management Insights

The last couple of weeks, I tried to consciously improve my way of doing the amazing workout: Suryanamaskar. I draw two parallels here for your quick review.

Here are a couple of experiments I did and their benefits.

1. Be observant

I decided that I am going to observe my body and mind more when doing the exercise. Basically, I started tuning myself to the pains, streches, pulls of the muscles in different parts of the body. Each posture acts on a different part of the body. I also started observing my breath: am I breathing in or out roam I holding my breath? What is the right way? When do I sweat more? Which pose is easy forme? Is it easy to practice this in the morning or evening times?

This simple experiment of being observant towards my body brought a few benefits. First of all, I became conscious of what I am doing. I became focused. I started ‘discovering’ muscles that I never knew existed ( or taken it for granted!)? I also started enjoying the exercise better.

2. Understand the theory better

Although I have been practicing yoga and Suryanamaskar for several decades, I started studying more about the theory behind the practice. I was able to correlate many of the theoretical concepts explained much more easily with my practice. Now the practice had more meaning.

For example, theory says that Suryanamaskar acts on the seven Chakras in the body. Each pose stimulates a particular chakra (or a particular part of the body if you don’t believe in the concept of energy centres or chakras).

I drew two parallels in the management world, from these two experiments:

1. When we observe things in our day to day work, we become acutely conscious of what we need to do.

If you have watched the episodes of The Mentalist on TV, it seems like black magic or clairvoyance as how that guy solves the various mysteries. But he attributes it to his keen sense of observation.

2. Frameworks help improve your knowledge systematically

we all must have learnt or read about the BCG’s 2×2 matrix, cash cows/ dogs/ etc. we understand those better when we have worked for a while and then take to studies. Or, for that matter, understanding P&L is much better and deeper if we have worked in a company than just gaining theoretical knowledge.

As always, awaiting your feedback, comments.


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