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Tips on Yoga (Suryanamaskar) Practice – Tip #3

Tip #3: Don’t Jerk Around 🙂

 Now that I have caught your attention with a tantalizing title for the tip, let me clarify what I mean by this!

 Yoga is NEVER done in jerks.

There are no sudden movements in yoga, and especially in Suryanamaskar.

Everything is a “flow”. Remember the analogy of a flowing river with a lot of stones /rocks underneath. Despite the rocks/stones, the river flows smoothly.

Whenever you are noticing that your movements are not smooth, check your posture. You may not be doing that step correctly. Or, you may not have plain ignored to warm up before the exercise.

 So, for you to gain maximum benefits:

–          Go slow in your exercise to reduce the jerky movements

–          If you feel that you are forcing yourself in a jerky movement to get to a step, then you may be over-doing it. Reduce the intensity of that step.

–          Imagine that you are “flowing” and your body is just energy – nothing physical about it; then you would be reducing your jerky movements.

 Enjoy good health!


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