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Tips on Yoga (Suryanamaskar) Practice – Tip #4

Tip #4: Stretch & Feel Actively!

 Each of the asanas in Suryanamaskar work on certain parts of your body. They work at the muscular level, gland level.

When you stretch, you are not only training your muscles, bones, skin but are also activating the glands!

Without getting too theoretical on the scientific basis of various asanas it suffices for you to understand that, the glands (endocrine, thyroid etc) are located in the “same” regions as the “chakras” or the energy centers in the body. These chakras store & transmit the energy all through your body. This energy distribution helps remove blockages in your body (blockages are physical or mental) and that is the reason you would feel elated, happy after a good yoga workout!

 So, feel when you stretch. Don’t be passive. Your mind should be alert and be ever observant of your body & breath.

 For example in pose 2, when you stretch your hands above, you should feel  the entire body stretch – from the base of your feet all the way to the tip of your fingers. Imagine that to be one ‘continuum’. Similarly in pose 3, you should feel the hamstrings, lower back muscles in action.

 –          When you stretch, stretch consciously. Feel your skin all along, being pulled by the pose.

–          Feel the muscles expanding /contracting according to the position you are in.

–          Feel the insides of your body being massaged by the power of that pose you are in.

 Enjoy good health!


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