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Tips on Yoga (Suryanamaskar) Practice – Tip #5

Tip #5: Be Conscious of the Alignment of Your Body!

 Most people are not conscious of the alignment of their bodies.

For example, when we normally stand, we don’t put equal weight on both our feet. Even if we believe we do, we don’t distribute the weight equally to all parts of the feet.These minute mis-alignments cause instability in our bodies, when continued for a long time.

You may not be conscious that your little toe is not touching the ground as much as your big toe, as an example. Another example is that we may be standing a little front-back. If you want to have proof of these mis-alignments, check your shoes /slippers that you have been using for a while. Are they evenly worn out? Maybe not!

 –          When you are in step 1, you would do good if you feel the entire feet on the ground and your big toes are aligned together. For you to do this, you would need to consciously observe your feet.  In step 1, pulling up your knee caps, tucking your buttock muscles in and pulling in your stomach muscles helps you in distributing weight equally.

–          Likewise, especially in step 3, when you have to bring your feet and palms together and bend forward, alignment of your neck is important. Focus on aligning your neck to the same line as your spine. You can do this easily if you look at your knees in that position. When you do this, it does not create any undue pressure on your neck.

–          Even when you stand normally, feel the entire feet on the ground. Be active. Try to pull your stomach muscles in, even when you stand normally! It helps in the long run, to reduce a bit on the waist!

 Enjoy good health!


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