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Tips on Yoga (Suryanamaskar) Practice – Tip #7

Tip #7: Lower back pain remedy – Snake Pose (Bhujangasana)

 As you start observing and analyzing the various steps in the Suryanamaskar flow, Bhujangasana comes up as an elegant & beautiful pose. This pose help you relieve chronic lower back pain. Again, the trick is not to over-exert yourself. Bhujangasana means snake-pose. In this pose, you would look like a snake:-)

Although all the poses in Suryanamaskar can be practiced independently for their own health benefits, this particular pose (& Adhomukha swana-asana – “inverted V posture” for its upper back & shoulder massage) is very interesting for me. Sitting in front of the computer for long times in the day, I end up leaning forward and this puts pressure on my back.  This asana helps to massage the lower back.

 –          Lying down on your chest, with the hands by side, gently lift your upper body till the pelvic region, while inhaling deeply.

–          Your elbows may be a bit bent; that is absolutely fine

–          Remember to tighten your buttocks, thighs, while lifting your upper body.

–          Keep your feet together.

–          Roll up your neck & see upwards when you have reached your physical limit.

–          Remember to breathe normally after that (if you want to stay longer in that pose – no need to hold the breath!)

–          Bring your mental focus to the lower back region and just observe while breathing.

Enjoy good health!


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