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Work Desk Yoga – 25 Tips To Stay Healthy at Office

After a successful workdesk yoga email course, for which about 140 people subscribed on email, while several others followed through my social media handles, I am feeling quite happy with some of the positive comments & feedback I received from the participants. I estimate that the total people I reached out to would be in the range of 200 – 250 during the course of three weeks.

I decided to compile all my tips and present it like a slide-deck to you as a ready reckoner.In all, there are 25 tips that you can practise and stay healthy@work desk!

If you are interested to get an electronic copy of the slide deck, please register (and follow my blog) with a simple one step registration by providing your email id. Please check out the right hand panel of this page (or any page) to follow this blog. Not only will you get an email once I post the slide deck, you will automatically get regular updates about new blog posts, courses I announce.

Thank you for your encouragement. It helped me to ensure that i meet my side of the bargain. Now its your turn and your resolve to follow a few of those tips and stay healthy!


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