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Sequencing yoga poses in practice

A lot of research has gone into what kind of yoga poses need to precede & succeed each pose? What sequencing we should follow for maximum benefits etc.

While I can’t be 100% sure, I have tried to analyze Suryanamaskar poses and try to come to my own conclusions.I have also analyzed several yoga classes sequences (like BKS Iyengar yoga) and tried to cull out some commonalities.

Here below are a few observations about how to sequence your own practice:

1. Alternate stretches of the spine – backwards & forwards is the key. So, if you are doing any sequence where you are doing backward & forward bends alternately it helps to improve your energy levels.

2. Warm-up sequence is essential to loosen the joints /key muscle groups before going into deeper stretches. This is straightforward observation. Irrespective of any exercise you do, you need to warm up. Else, there is a risk of injury. Warm up prepares the body for stretching and building strength, whereas without it, the muscles may become ‘brittle’ (if I can use that word loosely!).

3. Balance of doing on either sides is essential: So, if there is a yoga pose where you are exerting your left leg (example, as in janu-shirshasana) then you need to alternate and do the same with the other leg.

4. Cooling down, rejuvenation is key to absorb the energy: Unlike other forms of exercise, I feel it is almost mandatory to relax for 5-15 minutes after a yoga session. This helps in the various muscles /limbs remembering the stretch and they would absorb the energies much better. Shavasana is very essential to complete the sequence.


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