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“Yet Yoga” in Almaden, Bay Area

If you feel,”I can’t do the yoga pose”, add “yet” to the end of the sentence in your mind – says Ron Victor, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Yoga teacher (or ‘yogi’ as they would call anyone who practices yoga in the US – unlike the usage of the word in India – which means someone who is highly evolved spiritually and is a “master”. Needless to say, Ron is a good friend of mine since seven years.


I loved the simple insight he brought in today to the class of ~10 enthusiastic yoga students, me included in the late evening class at his yoga studio, in Almaden, CA started by Ron & his wife, Anuja Chaudhri. I learnt from him that Anuja started off teaching yoga five years back and Ron joined her since the last three years.

Ron has been a yoga practitioner for fourteen years and still claims he has new discoveries to make every time he gets into a “simple” pose like Trikonasana!  His “flow” class included good time for warming up & then a set of core yoga poses, which to me resembled variation of Suryanamaskar done extremely slowly and with a lot of attention to the breath. Ron’s “flow” classes, like he said later on, always focusses on the breath and fluid movement of the body into and out of several poses, done in a sequence designed by him. He designs these sequences for the flow classes based on his view of what he wants his students to experience that day – opening up the chest or pelvic region or the shoulders, so on & so forth.


We got back to Ron’s car and were discussing the yoga class for the day and I was asking him how does he decide what part of the body he wants to focus on for that day suddenly I noticed a bunch of “Yoga Journal” magazines in his car boot. Surprisingly, I asked him why he does carry around these in the boot!


I realized then where he draws the inspiration & focus for that day’s class. These random magazines in the car boot (and probably he has a bunch of them in every nook and corner of his office, or home) are there for him to flip through and instinctively decide on the focus. I felt that was his committment & dedication to teaching yoga to his students exemplified.

Ron & Anuja opened up their second yoga studio and being yoga-entrepreneurs, he says that yoga is at a nascent stage in the US. He believes that the Starbucks model will work very well in spreading the goodness of yoga all across – small boutique yoga studios all across the US, easily accessible to everyone (“it should not be more than 3 minutes drive” is Ron’s view).

After he dropped me back at my hotel, I was reflecting on the key difference his gentle prod & encouragement made to the class, by using the word “yet” so powerfully today. It struck me that we don’t just struggle in yoga class to get into the pose, we struggle in our lives too.

We already decide “we can’t do it” and that becomes the reality for us.

Perhaps we may want to suffix the powerful, yet small word “yet” to our vocabulary whenever we feel the emotion “we can’t do it” within ourselves – be it work related, relationships related or probably even thinking of your dreams!!

What do you think?

Would love to hear your thoughts.




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