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A new early morning routine? (Breathing tip #2)

In the next few weeks, I will be publishing a series of blog posts to help the 40+ registrants who attended my “Breathe Right & Beat Stress” workshop. I am hoping that these tips will be useful for my blog readers as well.


Here we go with Tip #2

What do you do as soon as you wake up in the morning?

I am sure it is the usual stuff – we are all victims of habit!! Nothing changes unless we are conscious about it and want to change.

Try a different routine the next couple of days and see the impact of this new routine on your day.

So, here I am sharing with you my “wake up routine” – what I do since the last several months and it has worked very well for me:

– Lie down on the bed for an extra 10 minutes, after you have fully ‘woken’ up.

– Bring your awareness to your body and feel your body – toe to head. Scan the body from bottom to top, like an X-Ray machine – peering inside the skin – not just on the surface (5min)

– Gently move your awareness to your natural breath flow – observe it and do not disturb it in anyway (5min)

– Gently open your eyes and start your day!

Our minds are less cluttered with thoughts in early mornings, especially the time you wake up (and if it happens to be between 4AM-6AM). This automatically makes your body relaxed. When the body is relaxed and the mind is clear of unnecessary thoughts jumping around like a mad monkey, you are able to concentrate & improve your ability to focus.

Just this 10 minutes daily practice can help you be more efficient, more focussed in your day.

Would love to hear your thoughts!


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