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Exhale A Bit Longer Than Inhale – Simple Key to Beat Stress

Ever wondered what is that simple thing you need to do when you are stressful?
The answer is quite simply – observe your breath, alter it so that exhalations are slightly longer than inhalations!!

That’s it!
There is a huge science behind this simple key to beat stress.

Let me try to summarize it here:
Longer duration of exhalations means more time for anabolic activities – those that build your mental & physical muscles. Controlling exhalations such that they are ‘slightly’ longer than inhalations means basically giving more time for your body to convert ‘energy’ into ‘matter’.

Remember this:
1. Don’t overdo anything. Listen to your body.
2. Your breathing in /out should ALWAYS be smooth, effortless & hopefully soundless. Keep altering the duration of your inhalations & exhalations (when you do deep breathing) so that you are able to consistently breathe in/out for say atleast 5 minutes with the same ratio of in/out all the time.
3. Even a fraction of second more to exhale adds tremendous value to your body – in terms of building it to beat stress.
4. Again, don’t over do.

Try it for 5-10 minutes a day and see the calming effect it has on you.
Enjoy stress-free life!


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