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2013 – Retrospective on Healthy Living

2013 has been an amazing year for me from a health perspective……..despite the travel (approximately 1 day a week), long days at work (~10 hours on an average/day),  couple of trips across different time zones and lack of good vegetarian diet, not to mention sedentary lifestyle.


I was able to say NO to the following ‘common ailments’ (or lifestyle diseases) most of the days in the year:

1. Cough /cold  – 365 days

2. Nose block  – 365 days

3. Fever  – 365 days

4. Headache – 365 days

5. Stress – 365 days

6. Acidity, Stomach Upsets – 365 days

7. Backaches – ~330 days

8. Neck pain – ~300 days

9. Tiredness – ~ 300 days

Days I was happy &  energetic – 365

So, what did I do that you can also do for yourself?

Let me share my 2013 secret:

Yoga exercises (hatha yoga postures) for ~300 days in a year – atleast 30 minutes a day;  [Yes, I did not workout during my travel & of course, had a few lazy weekends)

Breathing exercises (pranayama) for 365 days in a year – atleast 15 minutes a day; [Hey, what the heck, if I can’t exercise, I can definitely find 10minutes anywhere, including an aeroplane to do my breathing exercises!!]

Meditation (I vary between Vipassana, chanting, breath observation techniques to get rid of boedom) for 365 days – atleast 15 minutes a day; [Hey, you can meditate for longer in transatlantic flights – perhaps hours at stretch and mind you, it counts!!]

Regular fasting [once a fortnight, I fast on Ekadasi days]; [Yes, I eat lot of fruits, nuts, milk – as much as my body asks for, but no cooked food of any sort, no tea/coffee for 24 hours]

And most importantlyI decided to be happy, healthy & blissful, no matter what the day is going to be!

If I can do it, you can do it.

Try it. Use this year as your trial year to start a healthy life.

Would it be worth it? You bet, ask me!!

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy, healthy, joyous 2014.



Enterprise Sales B2B Marketing Entrepreneur Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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