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2015 New Year Wish List….Not Resolutions

Happy New Year 2015 to all my readers.

I got this below new year ‘resolution’ list forwarded to me in Whatsapp. Thought it was a beautiful way of planning your new year. While I did try to find out the original writer of this article to credit him/her, but like all forwarded messages, the original author remains untraceable. Neverthless, thanks to him/her, here we go:

ps: At the end of this blog, you would find review of my personal 2014 wishlist & how I feel about them.

———-2015 Wish List—–start——-

Making resolutions for the new year is a neat trap – you know you are going to break most of them, and feel terrible about it for the rest of the year!

Instead, I suggest you make a wish list. It is like a buffet spread – you can eat all or eat nothing – it depends on how hungry you are.

I have made a wish list which can provide the required magic to my life. It is like a beautiful spread on a Sunday afternoon.


1.    I will try to get up early (you can accomplish 30 % more during 5 am to 10 am)
2.    I will exercise at least for 30 minutes 4 times a week (you have no choice on this)
3.    I will meditate /pray/ visualize positive things/do yoga for 30 minutes every day

Main course:

1)  I will invest in best clothes I can afford along with good shoes (It has been proved that better dressed people earn 15 % more, all things being equal)
2)  Will outsource everything, which is not my core competence
3)I will not call my employees on weekends or when they are on vacations (They will respect me for that)
4)   I will at least take one risky decision, which I was always scared to take (I don’t want to die of boredom, do you?)
5)  I will train my brain to think creatively every day. I will try to do different things to exercise my brain muscles – try new style & color of clothes, go to new restaurants, visit zoo, listen to different music, visit toy shop to observe children buying toys… 
6)  I will not forget to market myself every day


1.    I will take 2 vacations in a year.
2.    I will devote at least one day (Sunday) for family only. No business calls, no laptops. Does not matter how big my business/position is.
3.    I will smile at everyone I meet (Even to the liftman). 
4 .    I will watch one movie in a cinema hall every month (it is therapy for the soul). 
5.    I will read at least 2 books in a year.
6.    I will do one thing which I was always fearful about.
7.    I will call two old friends, whom I have not spoken to in years.
8.    I will do one thing which makes me truly happy. 
9.   I have got only 52 weekends. I will not let anybody spoil them.

Let this year be the best year of your life.
Let the force be with you!

To an amazing New Year!

———-end———-2015 Wish List —————

Now, for starters, I had been pretty much OK with getting up early & getting things done, yoga or centering myself through meditation. What has been the result? You would like to know if it worked for me?

– Absolutely YES! Resounding YES!

The starters helped me to keep up a smile amidst all challenges, amidst long hours of work, amidst stress, amidst several miles I logged in the year on aeroplanes. I must say, that the starters helped me keep away even common cold, nose-blocks and I did lose a bit of inches around my waist! I can attribute my physical & mental health to this ‘starter’ practice I regularly followed. I encourage each one of you to follow the starters in your daily life too.

For the main course, my record has been terrible. I tried to do several things that were not my core competence (like trying to find a technical solution to a business problem that I had, rather than find someone who can solve that problem for me!).  I think I managed to leave my team at peace on most weekends/holidays, and not hound them with work! (my team is the better judge of this than my personal opinions:-))

And I must admit, that I took a big & risky decision to relocate to the US. Was the decision good or bad? Too early to say, but so far so good. It does have its moments though!

As to the dessert, again, the record has been patchy. I did bring back work during weekends & late evenings, but also spent time with family & developing my spiritual self during weekends (and I did refuse to take calls couple of times from my colleagues on a Sunday or Saturday – and had the guts to tell  them the true reason rather than blatantly saying “oops, I missed your call. My mobile was in silent mode”.) I did not finish the Gita course I started two years ago. It’s still to be completed and I not proud of it:-(

But the one other thing that I did is to write an occassional email to old friends or a Whatsapp message to connect up, which was quite helpful. I also did meet up with old friends (must say, made time to do it deliberately) and it helps to build up my own spirit. In some strange way, meeting old friends brings back some sort of energy that carried me into the next few days in all things I did.

So, now with this patchy record in 2014, I will try to enjoy the buffet spread in 2015 – make a bit more progress in enjoying the main course and the desserts (although the list may be different for me!)., while I continue the starters.

I want to thank all myreaders for your encouragement to my blog. Keep following and keep sharing your comments.

Once again, happy new year and remember, don’t make resolutions – just make a buffet spread list and choose what you want to munch on in 2015.


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