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Only 15 Min?

What if you had just fifteen minutes to get your daily dose of exercise? 
What sequence would you do?

In the last few weeks,  I experimented on the above and here’s my learning:

1. Four minutes SLOW Suryanamakar. This is like two or three rounds.
2. Three minutes of RAPID Kapalabhati pranayama. This is three rounds of one minute each, with 30seconds break in between, if you can’t do at a stretch. If you do sit in Vajrasana, it would help! Also, bring all your mental focus to your navel region.
3. Six minutes of SLOW Anuloma-viloma pranayama. This is roughly four to six rounds of alternate nostril breathing. Change your seated posture to padmasana, if you can. Also,bring your entire focus to the heart region.
4. One minute of OM chanting. Bring your entire focus to the “third eye” region – between your eye brows.

Here’s why I like the above sequence:
Suryanamakar done slowly is entire workout but it is more importantly a great body stretch & loosening exercise. Alongwith, you will notice that your breath has become deeper, and both nostrils are equally opened up. This is important for you to get into the next phase of breathing exercises. If you feel your nostrils are still blocked, skip the next steps 2,3 and continue more rounds of Suryanamakar.

Once the body is ready,  you can focus on the breath and “generate” energy through Kapalabhati. Next, alternate nostril breathing helps to bring balance to your right, left brain hemispheres and regulates energy in the body. OM chanting distributes the energy to all parts of the body. The third eye is like a distributor, focusing on moving energy you created to all parts of the body.

Enjoy 15 min. Key is your attention. Don’t let it wander. Remember, yoga means “union”: unite your body, mind, breath.

Have a healthy, stress free & blissful day!


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