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21 day plan to breathe right!

When the kitchen sink is clogged, it is hard to drain out the water. If you continue to let it be, slowly a bad stink will start bothering you. Over time, bacteria & worms will breed.

Same with our body. The circulatory system has several ‘channels’ all over our body.. The respiratory system has millions of pores. Every day, the channels get blocked due to various factors – and I would attribute the biggest factor to stress!

Just observe your breath. Especially when you are tense or stressed. It is always shallow and fast.

And we all know the ill-effects of stress on our bodies…. Check out a sample study I found on the web, here

Slow down.

Start with your breath. Studies have shown that just as stress impacts your breathing pattern, changing the breathing pattern can reduce stress.

Practice deep breathing.

Simple technique like Anuloma-Viloma, [i.e alternate nostril breathing] will help you to not only slow down but also beat stress.

I experimented with this simple technique and I can guarantee the results are there for you to experience.

Here is my 21 day plan for you to breathe right. You should practice 15 min a day, at the least, in one go.

First 7 days

  1. Practice alternate nostril breathing, with EQUAL times for inhalation & exhalation. Do NOT hold the breath anytime!
  2. Increase the time of inhalation, exhalation gradually. Your test that you are not stressing out your lungs is very simple – is the breathing soundless, effortless?

7-14 days

  1. Continue alternate nostril breathing, with exhalation longer than inhalation by ATLEAST a fraction of the second. Do NOT hold the breath anytime!
  2. Increase the time of exhalation gradually, such that the exhalation is ALWAYS longer. If you are inhaling for 10 seconds, your goal should be to reach 20 seconds while exhaling. The ratio of inhalation & exhalation should be 1:2. Your test that you are not stressing yourself out is simple: you should never pant for breath or rush to take your next breath. It should always be slow, smooth, effortless, continuous. Adjust the time duration accordingly.

14-21 days

  1. Continue alternate nostril breathing BUT hold the breath for an instant in your lungs before exhaling.
  2. Gradually increase the time you would hold the breath in your lungs. If you breathe in for 10 seconds, you can  try to hold the breath for a second and then exhale for 20 seconds. Over time, try to hold the breath for upto 10 seconds [equal to your inhalation time]. That is the ratio of inhalation, hold, exhalation should be 1:1:2. Again, your test that you are not stressing yourself out is the same as above.

Want to know the results /benefits?

  1. You will beat stress
  2. You can actually lose weight!
  3. You will experience a ‘spring’ under your feet – always energetic!

ps: I am a lazy guy. Sometime when I don’t like to do yogasanas, I just do 15 min of alternate nostril breathing – to probably get even better results than asanas could give!!! [that too, instantly!]


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