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Slow Down & Feel Good!

It felt good.

Slowing down my car and giving way to someone else, joining in from the parking lot, just before a major traffic light,  FELT GOOD!

You would surely ask – why is it such a big matter? Isn’t it normal to give way [atleast in the US!]?

Sure it is normal, but not yesterday.

My split second calculations showed that if I don’t slow down to give way, I would be the last car to have crossed the light legally [it was peak time and slow moving traffic on the roads!]. If I slowed down, and allowed the guy to come in front of me, I  would have given my chance to the guy joining in from the parking lot.

I was acutely aware of the time I would lose [a precious minute at that particular signal] and the cascading effects of getting stuck in all the signals ahead. Probably would have been late by five minutes to work!

Yet, I chose to slow down.

I was being conscious and controlling my selfish behavior!

This attitude shift was the reason, why I felt good.

I would love to hear your experiences & observations. Do you have any such moments to share?



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One thought on “Slow Down & Feel Good!

  1. A great post. Slowing down and giving another the chance to go ahead is sometimes a mark of great mind; thinking of others not only of self. I like it. Do you know the story of the two men who met on the narrow staircase and none was willing to make way for the other? It’s the one with the great mind who finally did. Your blog is nice and I say bravo!


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