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Lovely Interpretation of Yoga

I loved this interpretation of how yoga helps human beings. Think of the problem statement this way, from a practical standpoint:

  1. How can we rid ourselves of physical pain?
  2. How can we rid ourselves of emotional pain?
  3. And lastly, we all know that anyone born has to die someday. While science is trying hard to find a cure for anti-aging, and probably something to defy death, it is a question we probably ponder sometime.

The Sivananda Companion to YOGA, has a lovely simple answer to our questions:

  1. Asanas (postures) take away physical body pain by lubricating joints and strengthening the organs, muscles, bones.
  2. Pranayama (breath control) takes away emotional pain by altering your perception of pain.
  3. Dhyana (Meditation) helps you conquer death by making you realize who you truly are!

How lovely!


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