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Thinking IS HARD!

I am following up on a blog piece I wrote recently about ‘Are We Thinking?

Today, I realized thinking was truly hard.

I decided to do an experiment and start writing about a product description that I would want to build. Some of you may know my interest to help the world live a stress-free life and I am constantly thinking about how to do it.

Today, I told myself that unless I put something on paper, I am wasting my time even thinking about my ‘grand vision’ – a classic case of ‘thinking, but no action!’

After spending an hour and half, I could not even write few lines about the product vision that I would be happy chasing!

Here is what I came up with:

Product Vision : A service that would help users enjoy stress-free lives, combining mindfulness, breathing, yoga tehniques

User Benefits: 

  • Reduce day to day stress
  • Find resources to handle stress
  • Be more productive
  • Be happy
  • Live a joyous life
  • Improve relationships at work and family
  • Be healthy, physically fit


  • Will combine all wearable inputs & show insights on how stress is perceived by the user
  • Provide a series of daily mini-exercises to build mental muscle
  • Provide feedback on how the user is managing stress over a period of time

Wow, thinking is hard!

Would love to get your feedback on how to think differently & more concretely about this problem statement. Its probably going to help you think as much as what it would help me!



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