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Have you come back home from your air conditioned office and found yourself with a terrible headache? Something that is persistent for several days and won’t go away?

Air conditioned offices and car are pretty good but some of you could be yearning for a breath of fresh air, yet you don’t find a window in the high tech building you work in.

Well, here is a cure for your headaches.

Try my three step formula:

  1. Viparitakarani – 10min
  2. Kapalabhati – 10min
  3. Shavasana – 10min

Viparitakarani and Kapalabhati help to bring more blood (and oxygen) to your brain. Shavasana brings back normalcy to your blood flow.

Simple yet effective cure!

Try it!!

Love to hear your feedback!


Enterprise Sales B2B Marketing Entrepreneur Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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