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Survived 10 Days of Detox Program

Several people asked me about the 10 day  Ayurveda detox program I was following.  The program was organized by and Please contact them directly for their next program.

This blog post is to help all the folks who inquired me. I am sharing here, what EXACTLY is Ayurveda detox program regimen I followed & the results I achieved in ten days.

Today, I eased into my normal food routine starting Monday, officially marking the end of the 10 day Ayurveda detox program. 

Here are the results:

  • Body weight: 148lb [decreased from 152lb]
  • Body fat: 16% [decreased from 16.7%]
  • Muscle mass: 39.5% [increased from 39.1%]
  • Waist: 1″ decrease! [no, I did not buy new belt – just drilled an extra hole in it:-)]
  • Most importantly, I feel energetic, happy, mentally alert.

Here is what I did the last ten days:

  1. Ate 3 meals everyday at regular intervals (7am, noon, 6pm)
    • Breakfast: Upma [broken wheat porridge] with ghee [clarified butter]
    • Lunch & Dinner: Khichdi [mix of basmati rice + moong dal +vegetables + detox spice mix + turmeric + salt / pepper] boiled in pressure cooker and with ghee
      • Ate 2 spoonfuls of ginger +honey+lemon juice with a pinch of salt before lunch (only)
  2. Ate two snacks in between my meals
    • About 7 Soaked almonds or one /two apples or 2/3 dried prunes or handful of dry  fruits /nuts.
  3. Drank lots of detox spice mix drink / ginger lemon tea
    • Boil water with the detox mix – Ground powder of Cumin, Coriander, Fennel seeds mixed in 2:2:1 ratio
    • Ginger lemon tea: Half a lemon in hot water with pepper and honey
  4. 2 Triphala Ayurvedic tablets in the night.
  5. Meditation for atleast 10-15 minutes a day
  6. Ample rest (sleep early)

Four key points to remember for positive results

  1. Reduce quantity of food at each meal – Eat ONLY as much as both your handfuls. This measure is known as one anjana in Sanskrit [Yes, I did cheat several days – I had between 1.5x to 2x times].
  2. No other spices or food stuff, especially processed foods or tea/coffee /soft drinks.
  3. Mild exercise, but surely meditation.
  4. Eat   s…l…o….w…l…y, enjoying every bite.

My key learning: It takes enormous mental energy to stay away from food. Good news is that mind rules the body. Bringing intention into this practice helped me to get through my craving for food. Bringing attention & focus to eating the food helped me to nourish my body with lesser quantity of food than my usual.

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