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Are we creators of our own world???

When concentration is so profound, the mind-process has almost come to a standstill. Space is gone and time so attenuated that it scarcely seems real.

In this absorption there is no time, no space, no causality. These are the forms imposed by the mind, and the mind is still.

When the mind-process starts up again, as it must, and we slip back into body and personality, the multiplicity of the perceptual world will unfold as a seed bursts into a tree.

– The Upanishads, Eknath Eeswaran, of 37-39

I love the last sentence, which I underline here.

This means two things:

1. We create our own world
2. We can change our created world.

The concept is very similar to that expressed in the most popular Vedic hymn, Purusha Sukta.

What do you think??


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