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Creation is waiting for death!

Just as when a king is expected to visit a village, the mayor and all the other officials turn out to welcome him with food and drink, all creation awaits the person who sheds his body having realized Brahman.

When the body and mind grow weak, the Self gathers in all the powers of life and descends with them into the heart. By the light of the heart, the Self leaves the body by one of its gates; and when he leaves, prana follows, and with it all the vital powers of the body.

He who is dying merges in consciousness, and thus consciousness accompanies him when he departs, along with the impressions of all that he has done, experienced, and known.

– by EE, pg 113-4, The Upanishads

We die to be welcomed by the creation.
“We die” means changing the jacket that this body is!
Death is the start of a new journey to realize the Ultimate. To gain the ultimate clarity of who we really are.
When we die, we take our proclivities with us – all those unmet desires we have. We take another birth to exhaust all those desires!
Welcome Death !!!


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