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Happy in 2017?

I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!

Wishes are passive though.

It’s like the flurry of mass WhatsApp /Email message that I have got in the last few hours. ( I am sure, you have received too!!) All of them with the right intentions, BUT not telling me how to be happy in 2017.

How to be happy in 2017?

What are the scientists, designers and creative writers discovering about happiness?

” Being in the present”, “Declutter /Edit your life”, “Synthesis”

Do these words /phrases hold any clue to our happiness? I have always thought so (and I will not give away the suspense by writing about the word, synthesis here.

To get your answer, check out an awesome TED talk here.

An hour of your investment is worth it -perhaps you may discover a few actionable ideas to be happy in 2017. This TED talk magically came up in my list of podcasts today during my early morning run.

Talking of my early morning run, I was unhappy today.

I set myself out with a goal of running 60 full minutes and here is how I fared – I could not complete the last four minutes:-(


  • I ran non-stop, the longest in my life – 55min, 23 seconds.
  • I ran non-stop, the farthest in my life – 4.56miles.

Yet, I was unhappy.

Because, I fell short of a goal I set for myself.

That brings me to an important aspect of happiness – How important is goal setting and achieving it? Think about it.

Setting your own goals in life is important. Achieving the goals we set for ourselves will make us happy. Living life in our own terms will make us happy.

I hope you enjoy the podcast I recommend you.

Set your goals, don’t give up on them. If you do, try again! (and I will run again with my 60min goal).

I wish you a happy new year 2017!



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