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14 days, 20+ meditators

It’s so amazing to see continued interest from my ’87 batchmates to meditate. We also got new participants join us this week. 

Today my BITS ’87 batchmates completed 14 days of meditation. We now have 20+ meditators joining us in the weekend online meditation practice plus another 20 more in the Whatsapp group. 

While we are cautious not to let irrelevant topics come into the Whatsapp discussions, not all of our chat is about the serious topic of meditation. We do have our laughs and some of them really hilarious – based on our own personal experiences during the week. 

Thank you fellow meditators!!

Your personal insights shared on the Whatsapp group clarifies doubts, questions others have. This accelerates learning and deepening of meditation. The benefits of meditation is starting to show with all of them saying they are relaxed and are able to sleep soundly!!!

You are all doing an awesome job and I am so glad to be part of this regular practices. 


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