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Survey Results Out: 30 Day Meditation

We now have completed four weeks of meditation! About 17 regulars and 42 Whatsapp group members in all.

The  highly motivated group of 17 are meditating over 20 min a day and the rest of the ‘interested’ group members are practicing independently & also hopefully getting inspiration from the experiences shared by the regulars on the Whatsapp group.

Here are the results of a simple 3 question survey.

Question 1: Net Promoter Score Measure


Question 2: Duration


Question 3: What are your top learnings / insights from your meditation practice?

I bucketed the free-form answers to this question into three categories  – Insights, Benefits & Observations, as follows:

Live in the now /in the moment
Learn to observe and acknowledge without judging
Better clarity of thought
Awareness of oneself / self aware /mindful
Learning how to be calm just doing nothing
Ultimate opportunity to be without worry.
Take time to enjoy the little things
Be positive and spread the energy.
It creates an acute sense of inner awareness
Self awareness of focus and breathing.
Refreshed state of mind
Personal experience to learn from within
Complete change in perspective
Improved sleep
Boosts energy
Better concentration
Better emotional control
It calms and relaxes the mind also helps in reducing physical pain
Somehow, I feel more in control of my emotions after meditation
Ability to manage/prioritize one’s thoughts
Quietness and calm
Deep breathing is the best energizer, stress reducer ever!
Focus on now; Incorporate meditation in your daily life
Difficult initially but gets better with practice
Practice makes it perfect
The day is generally better on those days when you are able to meditate
The best part is that you don’t have to control your mind at all 🙂
20 minutes is a very long time!
It gets easier with time
Some constant external noise  helps (I have an app – “simply being” – seems to help)
It is hard, but worth it
Turning a ship takes time
Improved focus on breathing right

I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you would like to learn & practice meditation, love to help!






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