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Spring Detox Update – Day 5

I successfully completed Day 5.

My weighing scale shows 155lb, a drop of 5lb in 5 days!

My waist measures 34”, a drop of 0.5″ in 5 days!

That’s awesome.

Except for the lower back pain I had the last two days, everything worked well. And as I suspect, the lower back pain is probably a manifestation of toxins getting out of the system.

I am not continuing the next five days as I had to break my fast with a customer breakfast meeting.

All in all, good!

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Spring Detox – Day 3

Ok, I admit that I ate more fruits than was needed – just felt like it. 

Followed the regimen of lesser quantity, healthy food. 

Scale shows 157lb. 

Like the fall Detox program experience, i started to have back pain – especially In my lower back: not too worried about it. 

Day 4-6 like I know from last time is when the toxins start coming out of the body. 

All in all, feel good!

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Spring Detox – Day 1 

Yesterday I started out my 10 day spring Detox.  

I start off with the weighing scale measuring 160lbs, and waist measuring 34.5″. Let us see where I land after ten days😄

Put simply, I am off tea/coffee, ALL processed foods. More importantly, I eat only as much as my stomach can take – not as much as I can stuff into my stomach. 

Uneventful day for most of time. No major mood swings.