Name of the workshop: CoreABS

Duration : 5 day workshop, 1 hour /day;

Purpose: Tone your stomach, twist & release toxins and breathe energy into your core!

Workshop Contents:

The workshop will focus on yogasanas for toning stomach muscles, breathing techniques that would stimulate internal organs & glands and meditation.

  • Standing asanas                               – 10 min
  • Sitting asanas & Twists                   – 10 min
  • Lying-down asanas                         – 10 min
  • Specific breathing exercises          – 5 min
  • Meditation                                        – 5min
  • Relaxation                                         – 5 min

The workshop sequencing is focused on helping anyone to learn the techniques and practice it anywhere. Focus will be given on ‘strength building’ by holding the asana for a longer period of time and of course the right breathing techniques while doing the asanas. This is suitable for both beginners & as well as advanced yoga practitioners.

See here for the sequence designed by me for this workshop:

CoreABS Sequence

Expected Results:

  1. Better digestion
  2. Reduced waist size
  3. Strong core & abs
  4. Increased energy levels

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