This is an advanced training program to ‘control’ breathing. It will most certainly involve different types of yogic breathing techniques, that would energize your different chakras [or in plain English, energy centers in your body – physiologically located to several hormonal glands] and prepare you to meditate in calm.

You could learn this in about 8 weeks, one hour per week and the format/sequence I follow is:

  • Bhastrika – Muladhara, root energy center, at the base of your spine
  • Kapalabhati – Swadishtana, energy center two inches below navel
  • Mahabandha – Manipuraka, near navel
  • Anuloma/Viloma – Anahata, near heart
  • Bhramari – Visuddhi, near throat
  • Omkara – Ajna, between eyebrows
  • Dhyana – Sahasrara, crown of your head.

This energizes different energy centers in your body as indicated above.

Warning: Not everyone is eligible to do Pranayama course. Only when your body is prepared well through yoga postures, you would be ready to reap the benefits of this course. Please do not attempt to read up on any website and do it by yourself. It will most likely harm you, than heal you.

If you are indeed curious to try, then first check if you are able to breathe through BOTH your nostrils simultaneously. Only when you are able to do that, you can attempt to do the above sequence of breathing control techniques.