Work Desk Yoga

Here, you can download the presentation file of my workdesk yoga course.

This course was subscribed to by 140+ folks and I hope that several of them have benefitted from these simple tips.

Enjoy Health!

Download from

If you would like me to organize healthy living workshop in your company, based on yoga, please write to me here. My workshops are usually 3-5 days long (one hour each) and are focussed on “learning by doing” so that you can practice it whereever you are – all your life. I expect alteast 15 participants (max. 30) for these workshops.

Ofcourse, there is a nominal charge that I will ask you to pay (usually Rs.100-150 per hour per person). I am not doing this as a means of livelihood, but I do these workshops to raise money for some social cause /charity or the other [FYI, I raised about Rs.12000-00 through “Breathing Workshop” I organized at my workplace, Sasken.

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